This "might" be my "I'm back!" .. plus what I "might" make.

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    Please, if you cannot contain anger when reading up a rant, you may silently navigate away from here and I won't take it personally.

    None of the rants I make in this message are purposefully targeting Linux or Open Source while I type them here. If you think they do, I am sorry that my wording was placed differently than what I had in mind.

    Going to add a bit of doodling to space out just in case your eyes move too fast down.

    import sys, time
        import that_super_awesome_thing_you_want_but_would_never_buy
    except ImportError:
        sys.stderr.write("I think you need to re-evaluate your life.\n")
        sys.stderr.write("If you want it that badly, save up for it!!\n")

    With so much I can do online now (mostly on Winbloat, pretty much only doing Freeminer now on Linux (BOINK!! those people who think Linux is not a gaming platform and refuse to code / have their programmers target it as well ... WITH REAL DEDICATION!!!)), I was planning on coming back to here and figuring out how to finally do a custom-coded make of the Minecraft mod called ComputerCraft (which I delayed on making for so long *sighs*).
    Only one problem stands in my way:
    Where the POW! did so much of my experience in Lua go?!?

    *practices deep breathing*

    Well, no use getting upset over this, especially since that had an effect on that MC mod as well (I can no longer code like I used to in it! Haha!).

    As to how I was told before that Lua is an interpreted language, I do know I'd need to implement a permission system just for this (probably like a flat-file or also "call a certain command to set group X to have Y amount of computers max per user", etc. as I don't know any database stuff yet.). We cannot have people doing infinite while loops, even IF I prevent it from locking up the server!

    I hope MT/FM mods can create threads and locks. If they can, then I can make it work somewhat okay... I'd just need help on reasonable defaults on things like "max 'computers' in the world", how to make a UI for it, reading the user's keystrokes, integration with ... what is that Redstone-equiv. called again?, etc. etc.

    .... hmm.... now there's an idea... a toggle for "when a 'computer' has used up X amount of time without yielding for Y amount of times, log it, shut down that computer, AND disable it from being turned back on until someone with an "authority" permission takes care of it and turns it back on or whatever seems legit. Gotta love thinking in so many ways before / while coding something. ;)

    Note that I have yet to start coding it, which is so unfortunate for me due to forgetting how to do many basic tasks in Lua. :([/spoiler]
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