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  2. Show me players playing on Freeminer's servers on a regular basis and then I will be impressed. You need to have a regular batch of players in order for Freeminer to have a stable, permanent community. I am hoping that the Google Play version of it will finally make that a reality, but I can't see that as being an absolute. However, it is very commendable that you have not given up on it.
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    +1 great job
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    when is it realistic to expect a new build?
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    oh hey, thanks! you're helping a lot!
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    Care to share a link to the commit? ;)

    *whispers*: Now it's time to make a windows build compatible with MT. :)
    *whispers*: I'm running Magichet server on the latest MT - hope that will help in fixing FMs MT-compatible networking.

    By the way, I realize that this is off-topic, but still...
    How can I make FM to be... to be more... to care about errors a little bit more?

    What I mean, MT shows me some actual data whereas FM just crashes without giving away any (or giving insufficient amount).

    I don't want to use a debug build, 'cause I need my server to run reasonably fast, but even verbose does not guarantee to make me know what's the reason for a crash.
    Verbose mode doesn't seem to help either.
    It look like FM got rid of some consistency checks and expect me (or any other modder) to know about the peculiarities.

    What's worse, ppl complaining about crashes can't provide me any useful data as well. Not everyone can build on their own too.

    For example:

    1. FM exited with "Неверный аргумент" (or smth similar) until I found out that deleting the LOCK file produced by a leveldb-back-ended upon game start fixes that issue once and... well, I haven't seen that particular error ever since.

    2. MT warns me if there's no texture for an item/node/entity whereas FM doesn't.

    3. MT warns when I'm trying (or should I say "the mapgen tries") to place unknown node (CONTENT_IGNORE). This one depends on a phase of a moon. Mito should be able to confirm that FM did show that kind of warnings.
    But that's not true for 3 out 6 my devices. (Total: 3 Win, 1 Lin, 2 Android; Crashes: 1 Win, 1 Lin, 1 Android).

    I've compiled FM for Linux and Android by myself, but 3 Windows devices used the official build from the main page.

    Maybe some kind of a dump can be written upon crash?