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    It's finally here, Freeminer. The PixelBOX texture pack has arrived.

    PixelBOX is a 16x texture pack for a resource friendly gameplay with detail in mind. Along with the current default PNG files, it also comes with many unused and untried textures to broaden the scope for modding and/or pull request. Most of these textures are conceived as a personal habit of mine which I share to you.

    Several textures have been added as well as modified. The stone, for example, has been brighten slightly to rid as much medievil without subtracting the details. Diamond blocks had a make-over and added are emerald, ruby, and obsidian blocks. But that's just the beginning. Unzip the file and discover more changes as there's too much to list.

    Enjoy and have good day.


    This texture is licensed under WTFPL.
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  2. I used your textures to make a few replacement ones for the ethereal mod. The charcoal texture was simply renamed, the clay texture was changed slightly to suit its new role, and the rest are recolors of grasses and trees in PixelBOX. The license of the textures in the .zip file below is WTFPL, so you can add them to PixelBOX. Please, consider doing so.

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    I'll look into them, but note I would most likely do a lot changes to your changes, if not start from scratch. I'm someone who does more than recolors. Cheer~
  4. Then feel free to do so, by all means. I am eager to see what you will come up with.
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    A few new things have been added and some modified.

    New Additions

    • Bamboo
    • Bamboo (Wield)
    • Bamboo Frame
    • Bamboo Leaves
    • Bamboo Wood Tiles
    • Hive (Set)
    • Ice Cube
    • Limestone Block
    • Limestone Bricks
    • Limestone Tiles
    • Mailbox (Set)
    • Mineral - Sapphire
    • Norens
    • Pearl
    • Rotten Beef
    • Rotten Egg
    • Ruby
    • Sakura Leave
    • Sapphire
    • Sapphire Block
    • Shoji Doors A/B
    • Soy Bean
    • Soy Plant (Set)
    • Tatami Mats


    • Birtch Wood
    • Birtch Wood Stack
    • Light Box Off
    • Limestone
    • Shovel Sets
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    Update for PixelBOX again... It's probably too early isn't it? Well I'll try to space the timing a bit more. I just wanted to finish the set that was left out from the last update. Cheers. The next update will have some mod support, so stay tuned.

    New Textures

    • Bowl - Honey
    • Door - Screen
    • Door - Slide
    • Honey Comb
    • Lantern On/Off
    • Rice
    • Rice Bowl
    • Rice Plant (Set)


    • Bowl - Applesauce
    • Seaweed